Ministry of Gear

28.09.202453.544° N, 9.952° E

Organized by the MoG Europe team, this fetish event is made for everyone that wants to experience and explore their Gearkink and deepest fantasies.

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MoG Soundwaves

Sept 28th 20:00 CEST

MS KOI - Hamburg (Altona Fischmark)

Ticket Sale starts at: 14.07.2024 @1pm.
Event Details are Subject to Changes.




MOG Soundwaves has a strict dresscode which falls under the category Full Coverage Gear.
This term is quite subjective so we would like to go a bit more into detail here: A few of the more popular outfits are: Latex, MX Gear, Motorcycle Leathers, Fursuits, Puppy outfits, Zentai/Spandex, PVC, Uniforms, Work Wear, BLUF, Firefighting and more.

Or mix it up! For instance, a femboy outfit with an MX protector, a Spider-Man suit with a pup hood or Hockey gear with a balaclava. Be creative and be yourself! Just keep the Gear theme in mind.

The dresscode is mandatory in our play areas and highly encouraged throughout the night due to the fact that the Soundwaves is intended for all Gear fetishists and kinksters out there. In the non-play-areas, the dresscode is will be less strict. You don’t have to worry about taking of your helmet or mask for socializing, eating, drinking or just to let in some fresh air. Its a party and social event after all.

Some skin visible is definitely no problem (get kinky :p), but you will be denied entry if you show up in daily street wear, jeans, t-shirt or very revealing outfits. This also includes wearing things like only a mesh shirts, only jockstraps or just a harness.

Motorcycle Leathers
Motocross Gear
Sports Gear
Furry Outfits
Diving Gear
Military Gear